International Harvester 2+2


The International Harvester 2+2 is a rear wheel drive tractor merged with a front wheel drive unit.  The 2+2 used a modified rear section of an IH86 series and a new front frame section.  The 2+2 was marketed as “2 Wheel Performance + 2 More Wheels Drive.”   They offered the traction and floatation of a 4wd but retained the control and versatility of 2wd.  The forward mounted engine and rear cab provided 54/46 weight distribution, along with unmatched balance, stability, and visibility in a 4wd row cropper.     

This model, a 3388, saw a total of 2146 units built during its production run from 1978 until 1981.  In 1981, a 3388 would set you back $45680USD.  It came with a 16-speed transmission and 436 cubic inch turbocharged 6 cylinder diesel that produced 114hp on the drawbar and 130 PTO horsepower.

Their long nose earned the 2+2s many nicknames such as anteater, landshark, and Snoopy.