AK Series Chevy


For the 1941 model year, Chevy trucks sported a re-designed front end with the headlamps sunk partly into the fenders instead of sitting above.  The 41-47 Chevrolet trucks, known as the AK Series, were the first model to depart from sharing the same styling as passenger cars. 

Knowing that their trucks could be needed for the war, Chevrolet engineered the AK series to be a stronger, more versatile truck.  The standard 216.5 cubic inch inline six cylinder was bumped up to 90 horsepower.  The trucks came with beds made of heavier gauge steel, a longer wheelbase, a crank out windshield and more comfortable seats. 

In February 1942 Chevrolet ceased building civilian models to concentrate on production for the war.  Chevrolet civilian truck production did not begin again until August of 1945. 

The AK Series remained in production until about May 1, 1947, when the Advanced Design trucks entered production.