Utopia School District


Utopia School District No. 840 was founded in 1903 and operated a one-room school adjacent to the Waterton River. Before Utopia School was ready for students, the trustees had many heated discussions trying to settle on a name. Early pioneers picked the name Utopia in hopes this beautiful district would always remain in a state of perfectness. The Utopia School was one of ten one-room schools southeast of Pincher Creek. Instead of the typical teacherage of the time- accommodations provided by the school, teachers would live at a nearby farm. Located near the school was a shed where the teacher and students stabled their horses. The first teacher on record received a wage of $50 per month. Grades 1-8 received instruction for nearly half a century at Utopia School- the school operated from 1904 until 1950, when the building served as a community center for a short time.