Rose Lynn School


The first post office in the area was on the farm of Albert and Martha Strong. Mrs. Strong named the post office Rose Lynn due to the abundant wild roses in the area.

When the Canadian National Railway acquired land for the 'Pea Vine' line, from Hanna to Wardlow, the townsite of Rose Lynn was established. The 'Pea Vine' line was completed in 1919.

In 1920 a store was built by Tom Fendall. The store sold groceries, dry goods, hardware, gas and was also the post office for the village. In 1924 Si and Edna Livingstone operated a restaurant and blacksmith shop. 1920 saw the construction of an Alberta Pacific Grain Company elevator.  In June of 1928 an Alberta Wheat Pool elevator was erected.

In 1925 a house was moved in from Richdale by the Alberta Pacific Grain Co. for their elevator agent, Frank Brocklebank.  Ralph Hickle removed the living room window and drove his team of horses from the living room. They got stuck in a coulee, and the house was snowed in for the winter but managed to complete the journey when the snows melted and the ground dried. The current landowners Hugh and Doreen Fitchett lived in this house when they moved to Rose Lynn in the fall of 1971 until they built a new house in autumn of 1986.

The Alberta Pacific elevator was sold to the Alberta Wheat Pool sometime in the 1940s and was torn down in the summer of 1949. Rose Lynn's Wheat Pool elevator burned in 1956 when it was suspected to have been struck by lightning.

The school house pictured was moved into Rose Lynn from Mizpah in the 1940s.