About David:

I call Southern Alberta home. My home is in a geographically amazing place. The Rocky Mountains command the Western horizon. To the East I can step back into the prehistoric Badlands. Heading South I may find myself at a farm long abandoned due to the hardships of the 1930s; or in a ghost town that is aching to tell its story. A longer journey North leads me into the boreal forest where a person can be forever lost in wonder. I live in the perfect place for someone with itchy feet who has a need to explore.

I find it very rewarding to be able to explore the world around me. I have always been intrigued by old things. Even dilapidated, rusty and weathered objects are beautiful - maybe even more so than the polished and pristine. When I first picked up a camera my purpose was to share my adventures and the amazing things I saw with family & friends; and as an excuse to go exploring. I wandered and snapped photos for a few years. Some turned out great, most did not. Hoping to serve a greater justice to the subjects I was photographing; I began learning as much as I possibly could about the art. It is safe to say that is when I became addicted...

Several years later I am still learning every time I look through the lens. My camera helps me experience the beauty and wonder in the world around me.